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dimanche, 10 novembre 2013

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Je vous recommande particulièrement les films de Jean Yves Bilien sur l'écologie, la santé, les ondes, la diététique...une richesse d'informations très bien mise en image.


samedi, 09 novembre 2013



Anna Tanvir was born in Ireland and subsequently brought up in India and Britain.  She sang and played musical instruments from a very early age.    

The early years in India had left their impression and given Anna a sense of belonging to a rich and colourful culture of tradition, innovation and diversity.  In 1991, inspired by her experience of  the creative way of life of  village people living in the Indian countryside,  she was drawn to the countryside of  France, where she taught herself the celtic harp playing in the streets of Amboise.  Anna Tanvir lives with her family in the Loire Valley in a hand-made wooden house , and performs regularly .